College Student Benefits


College students have many opportunities than the average person who has not attended a college or university out of high school.  As we enter the college life, we begin with fresh open minds and goals to live up too.  We eventually finish the classes we need to earn our degree and gain many benefits along the way.  With our education, we have many benefits such as more opportunities for work, time management skills, and social advantages we gain throughout our whole college experience.  One benefit includes having many more qualifications for jobs that when we go to apply for any career, we as college graduates will be put at the top of the list to be looked at and analyzed for a position.  Another benefit from being a college student that many of us don’t even suspect to be an advantage is learning how to manage our time.  As a college student, we deal with millions of assignments, tests, presentations, and classes at so many different times of the day that with time we learn how to manage it and become organized.  College helps us build skills to be better people in the future.  The last benefit comes from a social aspect.  Just from experiencing college, we gain social advantages from meeting many new people, who may in the future end up on helping us career wise.  Sometimes it’s all about who you know and not what you know; knowing all types of races, personalities and genders is always an advantage.  Little do we know that the people we meet in college end up becoming our friends for life. 

            College students have many benefits that most of the time they aren’t even aware of.  As a college student myself, I have noticed that we get respected and acknowledged much more than the average high school student.  When we apply for any job or fill out applications for possible career opportunities, the managers and companies look at every quality of that person.  When they notice that this person is currently studying or has a college degree they acknowledge that factor and give your application much more attention.  What person would hire someone with no experience or education?  No one, people need college students and young adults to teach and have them grasp their style of working.  From experience, I have applied to many jobs and many workers looked into my resume because of the fact that I am a college student.  For example, in order to work at a bank, you need to have firsthand experience of course.  However, if it is your first job to ever officially work at, bankers love to hire college students to teach them how to work from their experience.   Financially, I can also speak from own experience and discuss how being in college and working on getting my degree and credits has helped me look at the brighter side of the future of not needing to worry about money problems.  With a degree, I can withstand a nice worthy job one day and make money to keep a successful healthy life.  Careers are much more expanded and open to people with college degrees and without one, our options are very limited. 

            Time management is a key factor to a successful path in any career. College students learn how to manage their time specifically through this crucial time of learning.  We have time constraints, deadlines, and a heavy workload that we are practically forced to learn how to manage our time.  Professors expect us to have everything done and handed in when necessary and as college students we should learn and know within the first year how to work around and with our time.  Just within my first semester of college here at San Joaquin Delta College, I had to pick up time management skills really quick.  Juggling many units and classes every day or every other day is good practice to learn how to use our time wisely.  Time management isn’t just good to learn for schooling but great for the future.  It’s an essential skill we need to learn for future careers and even daily life.  Knowing how to use our time wisely and planning out each hour day by day will keep you organized and attentive.  When we get to the phase in our life to become parents and lead other children to deal with their own life we can then pass along our knowledge about time management and how crucial it is to master.            

            Social life isn’t necessarily something needed but it’s an advantage especially in college.  The first few semesters we expect to meet many people and make new friendships very easily.  When meeting new people, we learn much more about the human race as a whole.  Interacting with all different types of personalities, races, and genders opens up a college student’s mind to learn much more about the world.  It’s always a plus to get to know people and learn how they live and think about everything in life rather than just knowing your own opinion and lifestyle.  Anyone we meet could help us in the future; we never know when we need a person until the circumstance comes along and college is the perfect time to interact and build relationships. We as humans are lonely people and need others to keep us going.  We can’t always isolate ourselves and we need others to balance our life, whether we like it or not.

            The benefits we gain as college students are not that obvious until we analyze everything we learn throughout our academic time.  Financially, we will be able to have better careers to sustain a suitable and stable life with a degree on our shoulders.  Work will come easy to us and jobs won’t be as hard to attain with a college diploma in our hands.  Learning how to use our time wisely and manage everything life throws at us in the future is also something we take in as college students.  Meeting new people is expected and always a plus as well.  College should be mandatory and needed for every student and shouldn’t be second guessed in any situation.  Without it, no one would be able to have good careers, have a stable life, and bond with people to have lasting relationships.  

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