Shereen Issawi———Samer Issawi’s Sister Prisoner on Hunger Strike

#PalHunger – Shireen Issawi: We have nothing to do but to pray to God during this violent phase. Revenge is being taken from the noble Palestinian prisoner Samer Issawi and his family as well. Samer is fighting in the war of honour and dignity till today (161 continuous days of hunger strike) and the Israeli occupation is still undertaking brutal actions against him and his family – he is being hit brutally in the court hall, even his mother and sister are being hit. His brother Firas is being arrested for 24 hours and a decision is being made by the Israeli occupation to forbid him from participating in any protest in solidarity with his brother (who is also on a hunger strike for 90 days). His sister Shireen is also being arrested for 24 hours and she is being forced to stay where she is for 10 days and she is even prohibited from entering the conciliation court in Jerusalem for 6 months. Also, his brother Medhat is being isolated from the Jalbo’o prison to Askalan prison, while prevent anybody from visiting him as well. Moreover, the house of his brother Ra’afat is being demolished without any warning or previous notice from the Israeli occupation regarding that. Water amenities are being cut from the house of his parents and they are requested to pay one hundred fifty five and thousand shekel (155,000) which constitutes fifty thousand US D (50,000$) despite the agreement with the water company to pay the money on credit. His sister Shireen was being stopped and asked for by the Israeli occupation forces – and just today a Palestinian woman attacked Shireen Issawi right in front of the Egyptian embassy and the reason was just to show off her muscular strength regarding something that happened months ago!
I spoke with the lawyer of Zumel and hopefully by Sunday I will start the legal procedures against this woman in front of the Palestinian court in Ramallah.
Translated by: Yasmin Nader

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