Freewrite on Life and Palestine and Dreams

Living in a world not knowing what your purpose is, is extremely confusing.  Having to question everything that comes your way and wondering if this will make you realize what your passion and goal is in life is a never ending battle you will face from birth till well—you have reached your goals.  Every single human being on the face of the planet has a purpose on this world.  Whether tall, short, average in weight, intellectual by society, Middle Eastern or White, African American or German, of any Religion, believer or not believing in any religion we were all put on this Earth for a reason.  It is hard to process at times in our lives but everyone eventually in their lifetime I believe finds their passion and calling.  I personally, have gone through this all twenty years of my existence. I enjoy multiple things like writing, baking, science, and history as well as Music and Art.  I enjoy everything I took in school except mathematics which I am sure many feel the same way.  Ever since my Sophomore year in high school however something clicked for me.  I moved to Palestine for high school and was living in occupied territory.  I had to deal with visas, checkpoints, Palestinians like myself, Arab, Israeli soldiers who hated Palestinians and wanted to capture and murder anyone they could, young children afraid but still fighting for their education and time to play outside in their front yard.  I can go on for a very long time describing what I noticed and witnessed that affected my passion and goals.  I am so blessed to have been able to be in Palestine and witness everything good and bad about my beautiful homeland.  My home is Palestine and will forever be no matter what any government official, politician, worker, American, IDF Israeli Soldier, , German, or any stranger tells me.  It is my home, it is my history, it is my identity I have family there, many have family there, we are called Palestinians for a reason it isn’t an accident or invention.  It also isn’t a mistake, everything happens for a reason and only God knows what that reason is but nothing happens by chance.  The revolutions currently going on in the Middle East are all depicted in the Holy Quran, some in the Bible, and as well as the Torah.  It is all available for us to read and know what will happen and when Judgement day will come.  Americans know very little about the Palestinian Israeli conflict and why? I live in America where I get asked if Palestine is Pakistan, or if we still ride camels and have no homes but live in pyramids and have no technology of any sort.  It is what Americans learn through the media.  It is what they read in their history books in seventh grade when learning about the Middle East and the Egyptians with the pyramids.  All they know is Egypt, then they hear  “Palestine,” and then realize it is in Middle East they relate back to what they were taught in school on the Arab World; usually about the Turks, Egyptians, and Kings and Queens that ruled the Nile River.  Also, because Palestine  starts with the letter “P” relate back to Pakistan that is more known on the news.  Ignorance is bliss and I am one to love to explain my heritage and country that is non-existent but in the third world’s eyes.  That is my freewrite for today and I hope to only spread knowledge and peace about not on Palestine but Arabs, Muslims, and the Middle East as a whole InshAllah.



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