Last Semester at San Joaquin Delta College ——FINALLY

It is currently 11:35pm in California. — Night before my First day back to Delta College and Work!

I am sitting, looking over my schedule preparing last minute notes and mental preparations to be ready and set for this coming week as I enter, alas, my last semester of community college. I have literally been waiting for this day since I came back to America from Palestine for almost 3 years now and struggled to reach this point. I have done so much work, questioning my identity, and purpose in my life and now here I am ready to conquer the world!!


I am a writer, and finally come to my senses and realized – I am born to write. YES!

I completely ignored everyone’s negative comments of telling me you can’t do this, you aren’t able to do that from friends and strangers alike using judgements and words to hurt and degrade my beliefs. It use to affect me but I learned that what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger from a wise person, and Kelly Clarkson 🙂 I have pushed through depression in Palestine, family seperation and missing my mother sister and nephew and niece as well as my many cousins and aunts and uncles.

Occupied life made me humble and grateful at all times in my life. I am happy I am ending my semester in Stockton; regardless what happened to get me to this point. Many things occurred to finally bring me to this successful moment of finishing another semester of school. Another end, another beginning. First, it was finishing senior year in high school, now it is my senior year of college or semester I should say. It is very unorganized where I attend college and it is very little in which you find students who have ambition and drive. Everyone walks around, cursing, profanity is all you hear, drugs and fights, constant wonder if you are safe. It is so dangerous but I am use to it hah as crazy as that sounds!

Living in Palestine prepared me for ANYTHING and I thank my parents every day for blessing me with that opportunity. I miss my country, balady ( my hometown Essawiah and other hometown Shufaat). imy (My Mother), Okhty (My sister and my niece and nephew), and the simplicity of my country. Being able to just walk outside and get fresh air was fun. WE didn’t need fancy cars, money, high life, or any sort of American luxury to fulfill our happiness. Our happiness there was eachother’s company; it’s life— I like to call myself these days CaliPali—that is my new name until I have a degree in my hand stating “Journalist—Freelance writer changing the Perspective on the Middle East and showing the world the true Palestinians”  It can state that.. or anything as long as I have proof that I am a writer.


That is my goal, that is my wish and I hope and pray that my parents are and always will be proud of me. My education isn’t just mine, but for my family and cousins and people in Palestine who were no able to be educated. When I finish my schooling, Insha’Allah – God-Willing- I will go back to Palestine and use what I have learned to better my own, my Country my people. It only seems right!

  • Misoon Ghareeb—Student at San Joaquin Delta College located in Stockton California

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