Teen Muslims in America–The Land of the “Free” PART 2A MUSIC

In the Name Of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

First and Foremost, as I write this article educating myself first and hoping others will benefit as always. I am not judging or trying to offend any Muslim, Arab, or friend this is simply issues that have become of extreme notice and importance to me the past few weeks witnessing things from fellow Teens and hearing stories that truly shocked me and made me question my friends.



Hello Readers! I received many new followers and ideas since the first Topic I discussed and randomly wrote on; not honestly writing for support but got the best comments from you all! I check my Stats and Comments and I know who is reading and the age group so I hope to help those through my personal experiences; stories I have heard that left me in shock and utter disbelief, and just everyday American life we Arab, Muslimeen live and wonder about!

In the previous article I randomly talked about Dating, Alcohol abuse, and Prayer! It wasn’t even planned I began planning actually topics for a course i’m taking this semester for a future speech I am meant to say next week and in the near future. It sparked so many ideas and thoughts that just began to randomly flow at 1 AM! As always, my brightest of ideas come at night hah 🙂 Anywho——– here is the new article! It will be all topics I have heard from fellow friends and stories that I still can’t believe happen as I write this!

Alright first discussion will be on Music—— We all listen to some sort of Music!

Many say listening to Music is Makrooh or Haram, remember this is just what I have been raised to know and discuss and live. I completely understand and know why; however that being said let’s analyze why. Teens, Arab, Muslims, Americans, Jews, Christains, ALL people listen to music. Now, let’s remember what music IS! Music are words that have been put together to rhyme, and have a beat, a chorus, have been given rhythm. Okay I know you think what the heck weird girl we know what music is. Have you ever analyzed what you let enter your ears and mind? HAVE YOU? LET ME HELP YOU—-

Let’s take any Rap Artist; i’m not even going to list one let your mind decide for you because I know you listen to Rap and Beats that are degrading to woman, some even to men, and are rude; impulsive and cause temptation and hate–and degrading heck I have and I have stopped! SO as you listen to any music, it blocks out your own thoughts and mind. You become what you listen to!

You don’t realize it in the moment but Wallahy it becomes you. It took me some time to realize this; and i’m still confused but now it makes sense. Ask people what they listen to, what the music they enjoy to play as they drive, as they write, as they study, as they party as they just live life. It becomes you; it rhymes, it makes you believe or hurt or causes pain or reminds you of a memory— it can become painful that is why it’s not right to listen to! Unless it is just music with no words; just beats I believe. I may be wrong; correct ME comment below but it makes sense to me. I no longer question music and I am trying myself to stop listening to my favorite artists because it’s not fun anymore now that I know what the words can cause. IT IS A STRUGGLE so hard to believe but if you know you then realize why it is HARAM! Thank you Islam thank you parents for telling me this years ago—- I always knew, now I am old enough to know better! Music can also define a person in so many ways; even if it’s a random song they obviously were interested and liked it for a reason. Maybe the beat made them want to dance, maybe the words connected them to their childhood. Maybe the music gave them hope and positivity during a very rough time in their life. Music is just words friends. Music is a bunch of words put together to help you understand life at any point in time. If it is helpful, and understanding, and doesn’t cause you harm or pain or misery I believe personally it is okay to listen to! WHAT SAY YOU? COMMENT BELOW LET ME HEAR YOUR VOICE –let’s discuss and share perspectives! WHO AGREES AND WHO DISAGREES yallah go comment lol 😀

I will end this short article with my own helpful insight: Your words are marked by the memory in which you spark. Be nice it will help be rude it will backfire. Words are powerful—REMEMBER THAT! Words can cause suicide war and marriage—- REMEMBER THAT!

–          Misoon S. Ghareeb Proud Living Human From Palestine



2 thoughts on “Teen Muslims in America–The Land of the “Free” PART 2A MUSIC

  1. You eventually become the music you listen to, I agree Misoon, Although listening to music that reminds you of yourself can be beneficial. Music is personality, and each person has a certain taste to match his personality.

    1. Very True Abdallah–It does make your personality and persona but sometimes for the worse and your actions become what you listen subconsciously what you do is through what you hear!!Very fascinating perspective 🙂 Thanks for sharing Abdo!

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