Letters of Recommendation Spark the Best discussion

A former Professor offered to write a Letter of Recommendation for me; I got asked to answer some questions so he knew what  to write. I have been forming my thoughts over time and found this in my e-mail.. it is interesting what I say  now to what I want to do with my major than what I would have answered in the beginning of 2012. One of the questions was what is my proposed major; this is what I responded with….

I would like to Major in English because

writing has been my passion since the second grade. I have been
writing since I was a young child and have moved from Palestine to
California since kindergarten. Poetry is my strong point and I plan to
only educate people about Muslims, Middle-Easterners and cross the
barrier of every Muslim being a terrorist. I plan to go into
Journalism to be able to report on news that Americans do not see
about my people, Palestinians, as well as all races all over the world
that I have witnessed and lived but Americans never see through media.
It is my passion to write and I plan to make a difference in at least
one person's life through my writing one day. I get asked every day if
I am a Chicano and it opens the path of being able to let people
understand that we can all be one if we realize how alike we are. I
hope to be a journalist or become a English Professor!

Insha’Allah this happens and I have no serious mind changes anytime soon! I have never been so content with my major all my life and writing is my passion! I can never go wrong with writing! I have never struggled with writing and discussing my country EVER! It’s what I was born to do; it’s my purpose do you know yours?


WOW—- Can’t wait for FALL 2013 good luck fellow transfer students!


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