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Work Moments

It’s the smallest things I notice at work. So simple and cute the children are. Every day one child gets picked up and his excitement goes roaring while we have them outside in the playground. It’s like he never sees his mother and when she comes he JUMPS and shouts and goes wild it’s adorable. It melts my heart and he’s so tiny and cute. He walks to the fence and his mother kisses him through the metal black fence and it’s routine now. He knows exactly what to do when she comes 🙂 Mashallah Allah Yihmy all the kids all around the world. So adorable and special they are. Some can’t even see their mother because they are under siege and war and can’t even experience small moments like this. Everything is a blessing and everything happens for a reason. I wish children of Palestine had moments like these. Many in Gaza and areas that are under attack are murdered so young they don’t even get to love and cherish their families 😦 this is what goes through my mind every day at work…. Call me crazy but I’m always worried for all children and Palestine is ALWAYS on my mind!! Freeeee Falasteeeeen! Miss you mom sister niece and habiby nephew. Can’t wait inshallah soon I’m reunited.


Samer Issawy Speech

Last week was my second speech for my communications course. I had my first speech the previous week and dedicated it to Palestine. It was an identity speech defining ourselves and we had to bring something In. I felt my lovely Palestine defined me and so I brought in my Palestinian Flag 🙂 I only prepared my notes for 1 hour the morning of the speech and decided to go with the flow because with speeches I tend to get really nervous and nauseous (ya I hate it)! No matter how prepared, I freak out. Alhamdulilah I didn’t that day! I was one of the last to speak, got up and with all confidence as if I’d been preparing all week spoke! That’s how natural it is for me to discuss and explain Palestine and I love it! I received a 58/60 on my speech 🙂 the class felt the power and applauded and the professor loved my passion for my country. In 3 minutes I managed to grab the attention of nearly 30 students as they all left knowing what Palestine is was and will forever be 🙂

The recent speech was dedicated to Samer Issawy. It was a tribute and introduction to him as if Samer Issawy would walk in. I was chosen to speak first and I wasn’t prepared at all
But I spoke directly to the class informed them on everything on Samer and they loved it.

Twitter Thoughts and Dreams

I feel super important and cool. News10 just tweeted me and that’s as close as ill get to reporter action in the meantime lol! I was watching the news and noticed the formatting changed and the setting was on a stage like WorldNews style it was so different! I loved it so I tweeted and they mentioned back in an instant haha 🙂 they never reply to people! Maybe they will be the first new station to report on “Palestinian American attempts to gain justice for her country through writing poetry” a girl can dream 🙂 that’s my UPDATE! Follow me on twitter or Instagram comment below ill post the links.

Help the Amazing Photographer Gain his Canada Scholarship!! Canada Scholarship for Eye on Palestine Photographer! He is Palestine’s Shining Photographer capturing occupied stories and events by the minute and second showing the world Palestine’s beauty through pain and occupation!!


Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.~Ambrose Bierce 🙂

ANGER: The emotion in which the truth comes out; in which words are honest and everything said in that point of time are from the heart and mind does not think to question. Anger….The emotion of destruction!

Everyone Meet my Shakespeare Professor—-MY NEW INSPIRATION

My Bio

I’ve been teaching at Delta since August 2001 and have taught:

English 45: Reading Shakespeare

English 1A: Written Communications (three different content courses: accelerated for transfer students, for nursing majors and for multimedia majors)

English 1B: Critical Thinking about Literature

English 1D:Critical Thinking about Current Events

English 79: College English Prep

Eng/Journalism 53: Freelance Writing

I have also appeared in Delta drama’s productions of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Macbeth, and The Crucible and am playing Lorraine in the upcoming production of A Lie of the Mind that opens March 1.

I currently teach face-to-face classes: Eng 45, 1A and 1D at the Stockton campus, and one online 1A class.

I am theadviser for theWriters’ Guild and publish Artifact, a lit/art magazine for students, staff and faculty. Before joining the faculty at Delta, I wrote feature stories for The Record for 10 years. My story  “A Killing on Dagget Road,” won second place in California in 2003 for  “General Writing” (not beat journalism) from the California Newspaper Publishers Association (CNPA).

From 1996 to 2001, I co-published Zambomba!, a free quarterly poetry journal with Julia Holzer. In the early 1990s, I hosted an open mic at Safari Coffee and Tea before moving it to various other venues. My poetry has been published in small journals across the nation and in the UK.In 1997, the Stockton Arts Commission awarded me the STAR award for my long-time arts involvement in theater, dance and literature. My past arts accomplishments include the founding of Stockton Civic Children’s Theater in 1978.

I am a former member and past president of the Stockton Arts Commission and currently am a board member of the Stockton Arts Foundation and the chair of the Marian Jacobs Literary Forum.

I live in Midtown, close to the home of the Stockton Ports, where I am also a season ticket holder and enjoy those games with my husband, Fred, and three grown sons and their friends. Every member of my family is a diehard  Giants fan.

My oldest son is a lieutenant in the fire service and former Delta student. My second son is a Petty Officer Second Class in the Navy and is the control tower supervisor on the US Nimitz aircraft carrier. He earned his AA from Delta. My youngest son is a graduate of San Diego State University and is a lieutenant in the Army Reserves. Both of my military sons will be deployed in spring.

During the summers, I crew on a 42-foot racing sailboat out of Key West, Florida. In the past three years, I have sailed from the Azores, Portugal to Amsterdam, Netherlands, and throughout the Mediterranean, including the coast of North Africa. This summer I may sail the coast of South America to Panama or I may teach English in China.

In addition, I published an o-ed piece in the New York Times on Monday, July 23, 2012, and it was picked up and ran in the International Herald Tribune in Europe on Thursday, July 26. The link is:

As a follow up, I appeared on Capital Public Radio on Tuesday, July 31, to talk about the arts in Stockton on “Insight.” I am interviewed in the second segment:


Ello Friends!

Salamat to all greetings to you! Do you ever wonder why time is so precious? How life is all minutes and seconds combined and we don’t realize how important TIME is until we lose someone important or get lost in TIME. it’s sad… Many things in this life are lost to poor time management.

1- Education
2- Dreams
3- Family

What is time without planning? Nothing is more important in this life than planning everything and knowing what you will be doing most of the day. Sometimes it’s ok to not have things planned and live in the moment but for college students ( like myself ) time management is our best friend! If we don’t make time for studying, work, family as keeping in touch with friends along with our daily class schedule and labs as well as library sessions than life wont he fulfilling and joyful.

Time–just minutes and seconds combined until we reach the end and then finally realize the meaning of life.

-Misoon CaliPali Ghareeb

Hunger, Drive, Dedication

It’s been 205 days– No Food, No Water, No LIFE! How he is able to still
Be strong for this amount of time hasn’t even been able to be processed. After simply hours of hunger just from travel or fasting we get ill.. Imagine 204 DAYS! Not only that, be tortured, not allowed near family, constantly best, crying for help but having no help and the worst of all no air and no love! 204… Days it’s TWO HUNDRED! I don’t think any one individual could be able to live on salt water for 150 days then on completely nothing afterwards let alone simple fasting. Imagine his pain.. His worries he feels its his duty to fast for his country and other prisoners freedom not just his own. Having a heart of gold to withstand anything and risk your life is who Samer Issawy is. Living in worry for Palestine.
Living in constant struggle for Palestine.
Living daily hunger issues for Humanity.
No food. No water. No life.
But who decided food gave us life? Samer proved that food is NOT what we need to survive! We need a purpose and passion to continue to strive and push on with our lives. 205 days.. Another struggle another battle another day of hunger.

Free my brother from the same hometown Essawaiah!! Injustice and cruelty must end!