Missing my Land

Sitting and missing my lovely Palestine. I mean when do I not? Let me take you on a mental journey of my country my life I have hidden at times and the place that is forever engraved in my mind and soul. P. A. L. E. S. T. I. N. E. ESSAWIAH❤ IT’S just my life! Even as I’m in USA I’m mentally there.

I’m in Occupied Land simply living life! You know, buying khobiz from the dokan, eating bamba and bisly, catching the bus on the main road like a true ARAB by many hand gestures, eating bizir on the balcony, just living LIFE!

I miss my mother and sister and her family the MOSTest! Everything about them. I miss waking up and getting ready with my mom making me Zeit and Za’atar sandwiches 🙂 I miss the Athan every time of prayer especially during Fajr! I miss that and so much more I can’t stress it anymore. I miss my land my Beautific land. My people and amazing smell of desert sand. I miss every bit of you and can’t wait to walk your beautiful olive trees and rocky roads without ugly soldiers. Just a moment without their anger and voices as well as gunfire and constant hatred.

I miss the smell of Ka3ik.. Sound of kids screaming and shouting for a bike someone stole or just being loud harra boys. It was annoying at the time but even that I miss! I miss morning walks and night talks and nights fil Quds. I miss being able to walk to the Old City any time I wanted 🙂 it was all in hands reach and steps away not miles and miles separated!

I miss you فلسطين




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