Prisoner, Samer Tarek-El Essawy

Prisoner, Samer Tarek-El Essawy

178 Days of Hunger 179 Days of Injustice 180 Days of Worry 181 Days of Agony 182 Days of HELL 183 Days of Question-184 days of Illegal Imprisonment 185 days of Turmoil 186 days of Pain 187 Days of HUNGER 188 Days of Torture 189 DAYS OF MISERY 190 days of sadness 191 Days of HeartBreak 192 Days of heartbreak 193 Days of Sadness 194 Days of Fear 195 Days of Courage 196 Days of Bravery 197 Days 198 Days of constant worry 199 days when will this end? 200 days of FURY!

written as if spoken by Samer #FreeSamer

– The Latest News, Samer Issawy is near his death. He was rushed to the hospital yesterday; January 28th–into Israeli care and there is nothing that can be done since he is on Hunger Strike. His heartbeats are very low, his body very weak and fragile, his lungs and system are all collapsing. No water, no food—-no life! 

#PalHunger #SamerIssawi #Hungry4Freedom #HungerStrikers #iWriteForPalestine #FreePalestine


Follow his journey as well as mine to spread awareness and equality on twitter: @noosimsoons @samerissawi1

-Dedicated to every  prisoner all around the world on Hunger Strike for their freedom; especially my hero Samer Tarek-il Essawy

200 Days of Hunger 200 Days of Darkness 200 Days of Injustice

No food, no life, no water.

200 days of battling my own body for what is right.

200 days of constant struggle of life and death and wonder of what is and may become the next day.

When will I see my family? When will I be free? What is freedom anyway?

My mind is always running and pacing and showing me what life I have lived.

Every day that comes may be my last so I pray and hope only for the best.

200 days of pain, agony, and struggle.

200 days of crying, hoping, wishing for love and affection.

Every part of me is shouting, running, crying for help!

When will this end? When will I run along my land?

My body is against me, My mind is lost, I may be awake but I am dead.

Death has already visited me and I am so near the end my heart tells me.

Bones are frail, muscles don’t function, my nerves are off the charts, and my age has doubled.

My eyes are blurry, my hands are shaky, my knees are trembling, and my ears are buzzing.

My teeth are useless, for they have no function anymore and are never put to use.

My breathe is like fire and my throat is dry as can be.

I feel disgusted of my own body but I know this is all for a reason; I think.

I could be wrong but something tells me to persevere and stay strong.

One side of my brain tells me to keep going you are almost there, while the other pushes me down and makes me wonder if I should stop.

200 days is more than just hours, it’s a lifetime now.

Constantly being beat by the ugly others that forced me into this; I felt I had no choice.

No food, no water, no life!

Who decided food gave us life?

Everything is proportions and I know my own.

I can survive with no food, are you willing to do this on your own?

200 days made me stronger, better, more humble!

I have no distraction of my hunger and temptation for I am one with my thoughts and nothing can phase me.

I occasionally want to fight my own strength and give in to food and water, but then I remember my purpose and that is to save everyone from their sorrow

200 days made me numb to this world and all I picture is Paradise.

Life is all minutes and seconds combined until the end approaches you and you realize what is life!

No family, No family, no Love!

No rights, no wishes, no constant trigger of what if’s!

I am alone, and this is my time to shine.

The concubine is my new home, and the walls are my friends.

I am shackled to the floor, and pinned to my bed.

Nothing is given to me, even the food is thrown- I am beat ,hit, and always pressured to go into their throne.

Everything I do I feel is planned- nothing I say, act, eat will save me from this terror of land.

I wonder when Justice will prevail, and when I will see my people happy.

I feel it is my right to make it happen and witness their longing for freedom just as I aim for their own happiness I know they would do the same for me!

200 days —– weeks, months, an eternity—

I count the hours that pass hoping for my rights, but I realize that nothing is mine, not even this life.

178 days 179 days 180 days 181 days 182 days 183 days184 days 185 days 186 days 187days188 days 189 190 days 191 days 192 days 193 days 194 days 195 days 196 days 197 days 198 days 199 days 200 days… just a number

200 DAYS  just another struggle!

When will this end? Who will save me?

–          Every prisoner, every life, dedicated to Samer Tarek il Essawy

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