Weird Night

BismilAllah.. Sitting down studying and the weirdest thing just happened. I’m in the kitchen on my dining table and this mug shatters. Didn’t fall or on the table or anything. Simply by the counter and not near anything and just shatters!! Of course, it frightened me and I jumped. The house is calm and quiet it’s nearly midnight and this mug just breaks into pieces…… This whole day has been weird and off. Just an ugly Saturday so I guess I have to be ARAB and say “kasar il shar!!”

Some would take this and ignore it but I always have to analyze everything. Wish I could turn my mind off sometimes.

Hoping nothing else paranormal happens I’m already scared and probably will be afraid till morning… Life

Life is moments like this that make us analyze and step back and think. Life–what we wake up everyday to do.

-Misoon Ghareeb


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