Hunger, Drive, Dedication

It’s been 205 days– No Food, No Water, No LIFE! How he is able to still
Be strong for this amount of time hasn’t even been able to be processed. After simply hours of hunger just from travel or fasting we get ill.. Imagine 204 DAYS! Not only that, be tortured, not allowed near family, constantly best, crying for help but having no help and the worst of all no air and no love! 204… Days it’s TWO HUNDRED! I don’t think any one individual could be able to live on salt water for 150 days then on completely nothing afterwards let alone simple fasting. Imagine his pain.. His worries he feels its his duty to fast for his country and other prisoners freedom not just his own. Having a heart of gold to withstand anything and risk your life is who Samer Issawy is. Living in worry for Palestine.
Living in constant struggle for Palestine.
Living daily hunger issues for Humanity.
No food. No water. No life.
But who decided food gave us life? Samer proved that food is NOT what we need to survive! We need a purpose and passion to continue to strive and push on with our lives. 205 days.. Another struggle another battle another day of hunger.

Free my brother from the same hometown Essawaiah!! Injustice and cruelty must end!



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