Ello Friends!

Salamat to all greetings to you! Do you ever wonder why time is so precious? How life is all minutes and seconds combined and we don’t realize how important TIME is until we lose someone important or get lost in TIME. it’s sad… Many things in this life are lost to poor time management.

1- Education
2- Dreams
3- Family

What is time without planning? Nothing is more important in this life than planning everything and knowing what you will be doing most of the day. Sometimes it’s ok to not have things planned and live in the moment but for college students ( like myself ) time management is our best friend! If we don’t make time for studying, work, family as keeping in touch with friends along with our daily class schedule and labs as well as library sessions than life wont he fulfilling and joyful.

Time–just minutes and seconds combined until we reach the end and then finally realize the meaning of life.

-Misoon CaliPali Ghareeb


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