Samer Issawy Speech

Last week was my second speech for my communications course. I had my first speech the previous week and dedicated it to Palestine. It was an identity speech defining ourselves and we had to bring something In. I felt my lovely Palestine defined me and so I brought in my Palestinian Flag 🙂 I only prepared my notes for 1 hour the morning of the speech and decided to go with the flow because with speeches I tend to get really nervous and nauseous (ya I hate it)! No matter how prepared, I freak out. Alhamdulilah I didn’t that day! I was one of the last to speak, got up and with all confidence as if I’d been preparing all week spoke! That’s how natural it is for me to discuss and explain Palestine and I love it! I received a 58/60 on my speech 🙂 the class felt the power and applauded and the professor loved my passion for my country. In 3 minutes I managed to grab the attention of nearly 30 students as they all left knowing what Palestine is was and will forever be 🙂

The recent speech was dedicated to Samer Issawy. It was a tribute and introduction to him as if Samer Issawy would walk in. I was chosen to speak first and I wasn’t prepared at all
But I spoke directly to the class informed them on everything on Samer and they loved it.


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