Work Moments

It’s the smallest things I notice at work. So simple and cute the children are. Every day one child gets picked up and his excitement goes roaring while we have them outside in the playground. It’s like he never sees his mother and when she comes he JUMPS and shouts and goes wild it’s adorable. It melts my heart and he’s so tiny and cute. He walks to the fence and his mother kisses him through the metal black fence and it’s routine now. He knows exactly what to do when she comes 🙂 Mashallah Allah Yihmy all the kids all around the world. So adorable and special they are. Some can’t even see their mother because they are under siege and war and can’t even experience small moments like this. Everything is a blessing and everything happens for a reason. I wish children of Palestine had moments like these. Many in Gaza and areas that are under attack are murdered so young they don’t even get to love and cherish their families 😦 this is what goes through my mind every day at work…. Call me crazy but I’m always worried for all children and Palestine is ALWAYS on my mind!! Freeeee Falasteeeeen! Miss you mom sister niece and habiby nephew. Can’t wait inshallah soon I’m reunited.


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