Dear Palestine❤

عزيزتي فلسطين قصيدة كتبت بداية العدوان على غزة بواسطة ميسون غريب من شعفاط العيساوية المقيمة حالياً في كاليفورنا غرب الولايات المتحدة الاميركية.
Poem written in 2012 in the beginning of this year when Israel attacked Gaza-
Dear Palestine…
I wonder what you will look like dressed in Freedom.
Wrapped without barbwire and simply unclothed of an Apartheid stone Wall.
A wall of hatred, agony, and struggle.
A struggle of power, land and wealth.
Wealth from generations and religions combined.
Combined to only hate and confuse each other.
Palestine you are beautiful just the way we are but we haven’t seen your TRUE beauty yet.
The beauty of justice and power that is destined for you.
The beauty of clarity and wind passing right through your olive trees and swinging through cities that have no checkpoints.
The beauty of eternal bliss without death, weapons, blood, red blood that we can only picture and see 24-7.
The beauty of running across your land and going as far as we wish without getting shot or questioned by the confused and ugly “others.”
Your beauty is my dream and with my writing I shall only picture and make it happen.
Your freedom is our plan and your rights are our lives.
Our lives are shaped by your struggle and occupation and we will never forget the pain we suffered through your pain and misery.
We only want to be able to walk across our homes and territory without getting murdered for walking and talking about our race and culture.
Your freedom is our daily thought and without our imagination of wondering what could be we would not exist.
We exist through you Palestine even when you are twisted, torn, burned and destroyed.
Destroyed by materialistic things but not through our hearts and memories.
Destroyed by hate and stupidity but not through our love and thoughts.
Destroyed by Israeli’s and those who support their bombs and tanks.
Palestine- you are me I am you and without you I DO NOT EXIST!!


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