What is Life? Death is Never Easy…

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious Most Merciful All-Knowing Most Loving!

BismAllah… Once again; I post this article from recent occurrences that have happened in the week of April 1st that have not been able to get out of my mind. Topic today is Death….

It’s so weird how life works. We plan, write, wonder, preach, eat, sleep, study, laugh, cry, and the next thing you know tragedy happens. We sit hours planning our life, setting goals and thinking of the long future ahead of us. Knowing and reassuring ourselves that we have a long life to live and that every day is granted; which we forget IS NOT. No day is granted no hour, minute, second is promised. Everything we do daily routines and school seems alright and smooth until one day something very tragic happens. WE THEN, WAKE UP! Why does it take a tragedy to open our eyes to reality?

This past week on April 2nd 2013, a young boy passed away whom I did not know personally but many that I know did. It struck me, hurt me and really bothered me. Only 19 years old gone from this life! So young and so full of life and joy from what all his friends proclaimed he was such an amazing young man! How was he taken? A motorcycle accident ya Haram! Pictures have been posted and he was always smiling. His gracious and loving smile blooms and speaks miles. May He rest in Peace and May he only be watching down on all his friends and family in Paradise Insha’Allah! May he be granted Paradise and only Allah’s mercy and love be with him and his family. As soon as I read the news of this young man’s passing I began crying. I had no clue he was until a post a friend updated. He was from Palestine, lived in USA California only 20 minutes from where I currently live, full of life, very vivacious and still planning his life. Still alive. Still persisting his goals. This could have happened to anyone but it happened to him. Why? Why do the good ones go? Why do we have to witness such innocent people die so YOUNG!

It brought me to my next point: Maybe Allah Subhana wa Ta’lah must take innocent young boys and girls in war and in everyday living because they passed the test of this thing we live called LIFE. Maybe the good ones go to wake US UP. TO show us how to live to remind us the precious moments we have to share and use and possibly lose from careless actions. Maybe the good ones leave us to help us grow. To show us the truth of life and our faith that we so easily neglect because of how we live. MAYBE the good ones go so young To bring us CLOSER TO ALLAH because that is the MAIN goal we neglect from our natural sinful ways. Maybe, just MAYBE the good ones go because of how pure they were that Allah didn’t want anything or anyone to ruin the path they had paved and stay shining even after they die in our eyes and their loved ones. TO remember the good so we believe in Allah and our existence that traces back to Allah and only Allah Subhana wa Ta’alah our Creator and Trusting God that only He can take our lives and give us life. Ina Lilal wa inalilah Raj3oon

It’s so wrong in so many ways how we live our lives without realizing it. It’s not our fault, it’s the society we live in. Or maybe it is our fault for putting ourselves in a society that worships money, fame, planning, forgetting and neglecting our faith, only focusing on the riches and fancy dream life that is all shame and sin. It’s what everyone else does one will say, it’s what all my friends do it’s how it is here in America USA. But Islam is what humbles us and reminds us of what is important Al AKhira, the hereafter Paradise. Deen over Dunya “Religion over Life.”

We read about death in Al Quran il Kareem we hear about it and learn about it all since the day we are born. Not only do we Muslims learn about death but so does every other religion and individual to exist. Christians also have their own views on what happens after death as well as Jews. Death isn’t easy in any religion or perspective. Death for some is the end, but for Muslims it is not. There is life after death we live our second lives in the purest most perfect form and we will all be reunited in Paradise God Willing Insha’Allah. We should practice our religion as much as we can even when our lives becomes so hectic and out of control our faith should always come first at the end of the day. It’s hard when we are young to get so close to God and Praying daily and accepting the fact that w can’t do everything all the American kids do but it’s possible if we try. Once we get closer to Allah, everything in this life will make sense. 


We shouldn’t be planning all the time and so sure of how we will do things because it’s all written by Allah already. We need to love each other more and remember our purpose on Earth that we forget too much. We are young, I’m only twenty and I know how it is. I see friends and family and my generation get so caught up in the now and the galore of Hollywood and what celebrities present to us because it’s what is shown daily in our media and television. It’s okay we are young but maybe death is what it takes to remind us that every minute isn’t promised only death is and death knows NO AGE. Death is part of life but when the goods one go it makes us question what life truly is and why things occur. I can’t even fathom the deaths that happened and especially to this young man! Keep him in your prayers please and keep Palestine and Syria on your mind and Prayers as well. They need all the love and care they can get as well! Allah Yerhamak Loay Rayyan…. May you only rest in peace and May Allah be with your family at this very tough time.



2 thoughts on “What is Life? Death is Never Easy…

  1. Salaam Aleikum, MashAllah this was very well written and this story about this young man even touched my heart all the to Sweden. I am sorry for your loss and InshAllah he will go to Jannah.

  2. Loay worked for me on the side doing construction work and was very cool, calm, and smiling. After hearing of his death from a friend, I pulled up a video of him breaking tile in a bathroom. It’s very sad to see him go and like this article says, maybe God takes the good ones first who have passed the test while telling us to wake up.

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