500 Words for PALESTINE and my Dreams!

Before I admitted my application to University of the Pacific, I had to write 500 words of why I should be chosen to be a Pacifican and define my character as well as goals once entered. It is basically explaining yourself to universities and help you stand OUT from the crowd! Other than your grades and what you have received throughout your academic career, you must always explain your dreams and goals in writing. That just so happens to be my PASSION to write and having to fit it into 500 WORDS WAS HARD! This is what I submitted and Thank God ALhamdulilah I wasn’t judged but accepted into the English Program!

Here are the 500 Words!!—

As a Palestinian-American, I have struggled with life and death living in Palestine for quite some time. It gave me hope to always fight for my country and never lose faith in my roots and culture. I witnessed many innocent family members as well as friends be taken away from me and get innocently killed that taught me how to appreciate every chance in life I get.  My family has blessed me with the opportunity to live in America since I was young and still be able to go and come to Palestine as I wish. I was born in California and have been blessed with both the opportunity in America and struggle in Palestine to make me the strong woman I stand to be today. Attending high school in the Holy Land, Jerusalem, gave me time to truly learn about my culture and all aspects of the world from an international point of view. The tough academic structure at the high school I attended made me very aware of global issues and pushed me toward my ideas of becoming a journalist.

Ever since the second grade, when my English teacher gave me a creative writing assignment, I have been passionate about writing.  Poetry, stories about Palestinian culture as well as expressive essays have been my strong point over the past few years.  I have had three poems published in newspapers in the Middle East as well as online websites who have shared my writing all over the web and received feedback from strangers. which made me ten times more committed towards my major. I had the opportunity of being a Delegate of Nigeria in the Model United Nations group and was able to debate politics, real life issues, as well as political dilemmas with Israelis, Palestinians, Americans and people from all over the world.  The conference led me to my passion as an activist for Palestine and I plan to only become the best writer for my country.  War didn’t stop me from fighting for my rights and education and I will be a good candidate for University of the Pacific because I never give up and only strive for the best.   










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