Monthly Archives: August 2013


I can’t tell you that you will succeed but I can tell you it will take a million seconds of the day to get to the highest point of success.

I won’t lie and I won’t sugar coat life but I will keep you warm with loving truth that will shape you and form you into the next leader of this world.

I can’t really walk around with a fake smile on my face because the truth in my heart just aches.

It’s a tough world and each day is a blessing. We need more kindness and truth to gather all of this hate and demolish it. I just hope one day I can wake up and be living the life I want. See the world as everyone writes and speaks of. Apparently your twenties are your most important moments and the best times of your life are suppose to happen ( they better be:) I pray to anyone that reads this chases their dreams no matter what and lets the negative not occupy his or her mind longer than the positive. Keep your head up, smile, pray, and just keep working hard. It will be so amazing and worth it in the end!

Just tell life to make itself comfortable to what you like and push forth to amazing days and wonderful experiences.