Samer Essawy

For Samer Tarek-El Essawy and family

We saw your pain
We felt your strength
Little did we know your hunger would cause change.

People claimed that nothing would happen.
But, look at all of the support your 277 day hunger strike made.

Days passed, and we saw your mothers pain.
Your fate was freedom and here we are celebrating it today.
Prayers have been answered and fireworks will explain all the joy we prayed for each and every second of the day.

Doubt, shame, and fear were never seen in your eyes.
Your heart and mind were golden and proved to shine.
Consistent and courageous you proved to be.
Samer Issawy knew he’d be free!
Samer Issawy knew freedom would ring!

Fearless men beat battles and make history.
We witnessed a hero now making his own story.
We learn about them in history class and hear legends from our elders, now Samer Issawy made his own story.

Hero, angel, everything in between.
Samer Issawy is Palestine and everything that Palestine stands to be.

Welcome home Samer your battle is done. Your freedom shines light on everyone else illegally in prison.
I hope you never endure any pain tragedy and hunger and happiness is all you feel.

Samer Issawy is our hero and we all hope you live in peace with your family.
No more bars and confinements just love and sincerity.

-Misoon Ghareeb


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