Words for Samer Issawy

Facebook posts and twitter tweets.
Saw your hunger and wrote your freedom for millions to see.
Joined together internationally and nationally to help you fight for victory.
Twitter stormed and Facebook reposted.
Letters and words from all over the world to show how much we wanted your voice to be heard and published.
10 days passed. Hungry for freedom.
20 days turned into 40 and 60 then 100 and your hunger strike stayed consistent. 277 days of pure agony and terror loss of life and mind to become a hero.
Everyone wanted the best for you to eat and stay healthy but you insisted.
No water. No food. No feelings.
Numb to the thought of no longer being.
Your mind and courage became your food and you made food for thought come true.
Freedom was your only thought and it showed.
December 23rd proved all your hard work was bestowed.
Tears of sadness have turned into tears of joy.
Hunger for freedom has turned into hunger for more.
History has become his story and Samer has paved the path of joy for every prisoner; not only in Palestine.
Politics and feelings coexisted to stand for justice and existence.
Freedom is ringing and I can see the fireworks in the sky.
Essawiah is so humbled and proud to call you one of our kind.
Every village will remember your name, because a Palestinian has finally caused positive change.
Hunger for freedom we thought would end in tragedy.
Hunger for freedom is now a new reality.
Welcome home Samer can’t wait to see you hug your family.

-MisoonG fellow Essawyđź’‹


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