Lollipops vs. Women

Two sides to every story. In this case, two sides to every tweet and post. Recently, a photo was posted showing two lollipops. One, unwrapped and one wrapped covered and clean. The lollipop unwrapped had bugs flying on it and around it making the lollipop look dirty and unappealing. The covered lollipop looked presentable, clean and what appears to be flawless. As if it’s perfect without any sort of distortion. Would be a good advertisement for lollipops to make sure to always buy them wrapped or else it would be foul, but for women? Yeah… The heading read ‘HIJAB, which one will you choose?’– of course I got infuriated. I’ve seen this picture before but what really bothered me were the young girls and boys agreeing with this photo. Do they really think this is accurate? That a women is an exact metaphor to candy wrapping? Being dirty just because she isn’t wearing a headscarf.

Some tweets were expressed by men saying, ‘well hijab is fard’ We know it is. It’s a must for every women once she is at the proper age and hits puberty. However it’s still a choice. Families may force some girls to wear it but still at the end of the day it should be a choice even if it isn’t for many girls. But really? A lollipop? The picture was outrageous and I’m sure maybe.. possible good intentions were behind this to show that a women covered is more appealing but men look at women covered or not. Maybe a women who isn’t modest wears revealing clothing gets more attention than one who wears the scarf but they both get attention. Men will stare if you’re even dressed from head to toe covered. So no, we Muslim women are not lollipops. In fact it’s insulting we aren’t object as much as people think we are human beings.

This leads to my next point:

Modesty isn’t just a headscarf. Modesty is a lifestyle in which you incorporate in your daily actions and rituals. How you speak as well as carry yourself live and eat discuss, and lastly what you wear. Modesty and purity begins within. Not ONLY does modesty have to do with women but men as well. Yes wow men need to be modest shocking huh? Many people have their own opinion depending on what they were raised and taught to believe modesty is, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right. We often tend to mix culture with religion. It’s a natural attribute it’s good because we can live doing custom daily things while staying true to our religion. Until, things get skewed and Islam is taken out of context and changed for people to choose what is right. Once again, lollipops are not in comparison to women.

I know many teens use social networking now a days so it’s obvious they are young and their minds are still growing but it doesn’t make what they write online about Islam true. In fact, it makes us seem very judgmental people. Islam isn’t this way. The people who express their beliefs who happen to also be Muslim need to remember someone is always reading and watching. We shouldn’t care but we are a minority. When women who wear hijab are told how pious they are and perfect Muslims it makes it seem we only love women who wear scarves. Islam loves women who are modest. Who show respect. Who do right and have good intentions. We must stop this process of it’s this way or no way at all.

Even if you think it’s merely a joke it truly isn’t. Social networking is public anyone can see your posts. Even if it’s private someone can screenshot and share and pow your thoughts are everywhere. Quotes like ‘think before you speak’ have now become think before you post in my opinion. Teens need a reality check especially when discussing religion because they just don’t know the regards to how serious these comments can be.



3 thoughts on “Lollipops vs. Women

  1. Rewritten comment: women in society are often related to objects or must follow an ideal way of how she should act. It’s not just arab cultures, it’s many. Modesty should not be seen as just wearing a hijab, it is also how you carry yourself, through behavior and actions. There is also a double standard, that women must be and act a certain way, and be modest, while men are free to act out and be dirty. Whether with their choices, or words. Which is wrong. Hijab should be a choice, and just because one wears it, doesn’t mean they are sinless. There is no rating scale of more sinful versus less sinful. Sin is sin. There are many misinterpretations of the hijab amongst arab/Muslims. I don’t feel that wearing the hijab is a portrayal of modesty, it is a part of it. Plenty of women who wear it, but don’t quite understand it. It may have been their choice, but it has also become such an integral part of fashion, and arab Muslim culture. There are correct ways and incorrect ways to wear it, and that is up to the person to understand it. Perhaps that is why there are many interpretations of the hijab. The picture is trying to make a point, but not an accurate one. But this piece of rhetoric allows many to see it in a way they have been brought up to understand hijab. Which is their frame of reference. You made some valid points, especially ones where you speak of true modesty.

  2. Deeply insightful as well as well written post.

    I agree people should think more before posting. Furthermore, I do agree that this meme was taking things to an outrageous context, whilst also reflective of the double standards pertaining to modesty. Your read definitely has my interest moreover I shalt reflect upon it in more time offline with more time.

  3. Hey my sister, I totally agree with you especially since I’m judged for not wearing hijab. A few years ago I undertook a study of hijab & other customs that are taken for granted and as you said; I found many things we do are cultural and not taken from the Holy Quran. My culture is NativeAmerican and AfricanAmer so I often questioned things I was told to do but couldn’t find in the Holy Quran. When I studied the hijab I found it was a status symbol long before the Prophet PBUH was given Quran. Wealthy women covered themselves to protect from the sun’s aging heat and to show that they did no manual labor. In Medina when the Prophet PBUH began to teach in his home his wife covered herself as many male students & the companions were there. After her death many women in Medina began to hijab to honor her. The Holy Quran definitely says to keep our breast area covered & to dress modestly as does the Old Testament, which actually says our heads should always be covered when we pray!

    Like someone else commented Hijab has become somewhat of a fashion statement and whenever it’s about that you can always tell because fleshy attitudes show through. Recently I and another woman were at a function (neither of us hijab), we were vendors at this event seated with a row of vendors. There was one girl in hijab that continually hung around 1 male vendor seated next to us. Her behavior was shameless & we thought perhaps she was trying to get free merchandise. Since we weren’t in hijab she had no idea we were Muslimahs. Later someone told her and that’s when she stopped grabbing/hugging the guy (whom she didn’t know or the fact that he’s not muslim) and other flirtatious behavior. This prompted a discussion among the 2 of us and the male vendor, who commented ‘some’ girls in hijabs are the easiest to get, especially at hiphop events. It was a classic example of looking the part but not living it.

    I so appreciate you as a young woman posting this, as a unmarried woman with a grown daughter, I am judged because I don’t hijab not because I don’t want to but because I would lose my job. People tell me to have faith & I do that Insha’ Allah I will get a position where I can. In the mean time who’ll pay my mortgage, provide health insurance food etc etc. The Islamic community just as in the Christian community only sees unmarried women over 40 as workers for the masjid, not as people because we have no spouse, then judge us when we take measures to provide for ourselves, as if something is wrong with us because we find ourselves divorced/single as mature women. This must stop and we need to acknowledge what is cultural and what is Islam.
    Love you (ChahtaMs)

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