Is it Hijab or USA?

Hello Beautiful Souls— I posted a rant on Lollipops vs. Women just a few days ago and received lots of feedback.

I was expecting not many views,checking the stats today almost 100 views. No one ever really reads my posts I just don’t have enough of a crowd I suppose, Y e t. Anyways, after posting decided to share and discuss with many of my friends who are 70% Hijabis. We had lengthy conversations many agreeing with each other and some not so much. All of these girls ages ranged from 19-32. Variety of experiences and opinions were thrown around, religious fact, as well as opinions of where you are located matters in regards to dressing and wearing the headscarf. After hearing every single opinion, (whether I was fond of it or not) I decided to start writing them down. I never thought how my writing could actually capture people’s attention for the better.

The main focus of almost all of the girls was location, time, as well as maturity.

Each woman who began wearing the hijab had her own story. Just to be clear, none of them were forced to wear it as many people claim the reason Muslim women begin to wear the hijab. One of the girls in particular began to express how she is at a stage in her life where she is thinking of removing her hijab. She began to wear it at the age of 20, one day waking up tried it on and the next thing you know 8 years later still wearing it. Her cousins convinced her to try it out and ever since she wore it to class she never stopped. Years later, she realized and wondered if she was wearing it for Allah or just out of habit. Many Islamic Scholars state that the only way to properly wear hijab is if a women is covered head to toe, no bright colors to attract any attention, long dresses which in turn these days is Jalabeeb dresses/skirts, eyes and face whole body must be covered and no makeup because that attracts your facial features; less is more. Of course, many women wear makeup, wear pretty colors, try to be stylish while wearing hijab because that’s just how it is now. We don’t live in the 1400s or 500BC and times have changed, but does this make hijab a fashion statement or religious covering to show how happy you are to be a Muslim and still live day to day life while fully covered and “modest?”

Many women living in America, not just MUSLIMS, are around all the latest fashion and fun styles. We want to incorporate all of these trends into Islamic wear. I find this fun and exciting as long as it follows through with modesty. You are still covered but fashionable and that is a blessing makes a women much more attractive.
My friend continued to explain if she moved she might take her hijab off and try and see how she feels. The judgment of her family and friends who are Muslim is what worries her. She knows if she removed the hijab how much negative feedback she would receive because of how looked
down upon you are for taking it off. I then asked her,”What will make you happy?” In which she replied, “That doesn’t matter, as long as I’m pleasing Allah.” So… Happiness over religion and faith brought up another discussion. I was so inspired by her input because I have been thinking of wearing the hijab recently. Hijab is fard we can’t ignore that. However, I personally think a women must wear it properly. Not have loop holes to ignore factors just because of location.Not every women who wears hijab is a practicing Muslim, but not every women who doesn’t wear it isn’t. There is this premeditated thought that if you’re a Hijaby that’s it you’re perfect and flawless. If you don’t wear it you’re dirty, promiscuous, date, are not smart etc. Who sets these rules and thoughts up? Our own people and that is what’s upsetting. Muslims and middle easterners love to cause drama and judgements but this isn’t Islam. Culture and religion are getting mixed up too much lately and it’s frightening.

I will continue this post next Wednesday. I will have posts every Wednesday iA and I would love comments. Don’t be afraid to share you’re thoughts your perspective matters.

~stay humble smile and live life to the fullest.


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