To discuss or not discuss? Ya know, just because you are a celebrity doesn’t make your endorsement and aid for Israel ok. ScarJo is the new global ambassador for SodaStream. She’s a well known actress, a pretty face, and is affiliated with OXfam which is an organization that has been made to stop poverty and injustice all around the world. So, Scarlett Johansen being a part of SodaStream now is completely against Oxfam’s whole reason of being. It’s frustrating because the only reason everyone’s ok with it is because she’s a celebrity. Typical. Anyways, recently she released statements that she is “for equal rights for the Israeli nation and Palestinians.” Really? You can not say those 2 things in a sentence. You can’t be for equal rights when it comes to Israel. Israel does not even know what equal is. All they know is murder and her statements are pure BS. Money is her aim in my opinion and just because of her fame, they know people will want to buy this product. Sick world we live in. 0 respect for ScarJo AND if anyone even has soda stream now you know not to use it anymore. It’s factory is right in Israel. (These photos are photoshopped to show what ScarJo is actually endorsing in Palestine)



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