Every time I  run errands I stop at Target. It’s the only store near me that has everything; easy access. The more I go the more I notice. The products not only in Target, but other stores all aid Israel. Der… America is Israel’s BFF….ihateit. I wish there was one store that was BDS. There really should be there has to be someone else that feels the same way I do. There should be a BDS store in every town. There are Palestinians all around USA and all around the world. Imagine walking into a city and on the corner seeing a FreePalestine store or a BDStore where you know your money is going to Palestine. That would be awesome. Sodastream is all over Target and Best Buy as well as Costco and even random places you wouldn’t even think of like Staples and even Marshalls. It’s insane and unless you really care to notice you will. It’s difficult to live in USA and use your money only for Palestine because USA is Israel in my eyes. The president has ties with all of Israel and every product, or almost every product, was created by an Israeli, Zionist perhaps, who uses the money for the IDF or IOF. THere is no way to go around it unless we use products found on BDS which are very few.


well then…. random wordpress I like these better than my formal ones 🙂


toodles. -calipali


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