Why am I able to sit and write this freely while someone the same exact age as me also Palestinian Muslim HUMAN sits in fear just waiting to die?
It’s not politics anymore it’s ignorance. 
People are dying because people are blind. You see but you don’t witness. You look but don’t really focus. You notice but don’t care. You. Don’t. Care. You care for the materialistic things for the temporary healing but you don’t truly care for your fellow brothers and sisters. If you did…. Your actions would prove it. Your words would follow your doings and your life would be a blessing not a curse.
Freedom is a dream. It’s still not existent as much as we think it does, it isn’t. Just like dreams freedom is a perspective. If we were REALLY free….. We would be able to run from country to country with 0 checkpoints or boundaries. We read and learn practically our whole existence what we should do. But when we graduate and live life we ignore what we as taught unless it truly impacted us.
Books——- it’s all we have left to save us. The ultimate book of course but In general books hold hope. If more people read more sanity would exist.
It’s 12:45 AM and all I’m worried about is the little boy in Afghanistan that might get droned. Or the girl in Gaza sleeping that will wake up to her mother gone. You think you have it hard in USA because the last pair of Jordan’s got taken away? Big deal huh…. Go move. Open your eyes. Buy the shoes but share your wealth with another human. Your 1 purchase can in fact feed a family. It’s the little things that count.
12:47AM—- my hands refuse to type.


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