Special hidden corners.
Canisters of metal
Gas bombs & tears
Make you so beautiful even as you fall and be filled with fear.

Your lush land & blood stains,
Holding hope
even after
death & pain.
Never fearful, just anxious from the monsters that frighten but never change.

I love, yes I said love, and that word is made for you.
What can be more beautiful than your crisp sunsets & beautiful poetic views.

Never can I leave my home or work on assignments without you on my mind.
No one can separate my everlasting Love for you.

You never hurt me
left me alone in the mud or let me sit and wonder what I should do.

I walked with you, cried with you, and will be free with you.
I dream that I could switch places and endure the pain you must see and feel because Palestine I love you with every might and dignity left within me.

Palestine, you are tattooed on my heart until death do us part.
I will fight until we are left with joyous tears and fresh homes to build in our hearts.

ميسون غريب


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