His Eyes

Those Eyes have seen death,

Those eyes have seen war,

Those eyes don’t want to see occupation anymore.

Those eyes have seen black smoke and fire burning his home

Those eyes keep seeing tear gas canisters flying into his home

Those eyes have seen blood shed (far too long)and blood of all sorts… not the kind you think,

the ones were souls were murdered,

children were slaughtered,

women were torn and men were fallen.

Those eyes have seen terrorists run, laugh, be filled with harm.

Those eyes need to feel freedom and witness happiness,

because those eyes are craving for everlasting satisfaction of homes restored and war ignored.

Those eyes crave your open land without any barriers just endless streets to run and be glad.

Those eyes want to be free from occupation and misery

Those eyes have seen death far too many times,

those eyes still look past the crime and still seem to shine.

How he does it?

How a child grows to do it, how any man still witnesses their own child be shot to death?

How do you sit there and see, women die from something we can easily stop and be free?

Look at this photo, what do you see in his eyes? A dream? hope? A form of fantasy?

Look into his eyes again? Can you see a free Palestine? Is it real… is it there is it even able to be cared?

What if his eyes saw freedom?

Would they be the same?

Would they have that glow and beautiful name?

He is Palestinian, He has seen things no man will ever see.

His eyes are filled with pain, look at those pupils shining with change.

I can tell he wants freedom, just look at the circles drowning his eyes….

Those eyes want to go to the Dome of the Rock and pray in peace.

Those eyes want to walk on streets of history and be okay, not worried.

Those eyes have seen occupation for as long as they could begin to see.

Those eyes want love and true beauty….. but what is love?

What even is beauty? When all you’ve seen is occupied eyes and torn eyes and broken eyes and fellow eyes cry time and time.

His eyes are our eyes, and those eyes will find other eyes that see exactly what he sees  and those brown eyes will Free Palestine.

Every Palestinian man fights a fight for every women and child who stands and every man has a special place in my heart for he is the freedom fighter who will free us all!

Free him, free us, so all of our eyes can live in everlasting clarity and eternal bliss.




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