Reflection Friday

What is always on my mind when I write - Free Palestine the love of my life
What is always on my mind when I write – Free Palestine the love of my life


–          Friday the twenty first of February


Such a hectic productive week! Thought what better way to share it with everyone than to WordPress. I feel this week taught me so much about myself and others. From Monday to today, all I did was work and grind from 4AM till evening every day to finish stories and produce work for my DCTV team. Stressful but beautiful moments. I have recently become Delta College Television Producer, Editor, Writer and Assignment Editor; I love it. I have the title of my dreams to take action and lead. I can write I am good at forming and planning stories and organization of material. I have awesome ideas and so yeah.. perfect job for me. So, I have slowly been getting to know the team of DCTV\RTV. I am very excited to begin this wordpress with stating that I am applying to my first internship. I will not mention where until I get the A-ok.


So this week From Monday-Friday I was worried my team would not finish any work on time. Since I started the beginning of January I heard very little effort from everyone. Too many students pitching stories but no work showing their progress. So, I took action and made sure everyone did their work. I had to be tough with some people just to make sure they know I mean business, I was still polite though. I know my limits and my force is for a good reason. I want every student to be perfect and build themselves for real life deadlines.

Of course, I am not the only one in charge, so are my professors but when a student is involved I feel people take things way more seriously.


Monday and Tuesday were chaotic and so crazy. All we did was brainstorm topics with my producers and throw out ideas for the next few months. New strategy, new plans, brand new ideas. Wednesday I pitched my project twice, and then Thursday again to students in RTV courses and other Mcom classes. I got such positive feedback and it felt beautiful to know something I have created is getting such good energy and positivity. Professors telling me they see me working in big shot places just felt unreal. I have a lot of doubt and worry.. just always do so hearing things like that really made my heart just melt. After pitching my “Oppressed against oppression” project I then took charge again getting names and stories from everyone.


After Thursday came I was just exhausted. I think Thursday Night I ended up coming home, didn’t even eat and just slept all night until early Friday morning. I woke up, did tons of homework and caught up with DCTV updates and emailed everyone. Took my time getting ready left the house fairly early and started my project yet again.


I met with some people and the first person I see when I walk into the DCTV room is a women explaining to me so much information on MSA. I was so happy she came to me first, such a good deed. I loved her lol I wanted to just hug her because no one ever notices Muslims..ever. I may now be in charge of MSA a bit just until I leave for the other beginning in my life but honestly I can’t wait to get the prayer room started for all the Muslims on campus. Inshallah this lasts for every semester because we really need an MSA.


Then, after that met up with more people to make sure they were handing in stories. Afterwards, class started we did more discussion on social media and revolutions. Such in depth talks and so much to exchange I had a lot to say because I use social media every day to look up stories from all around the world. After that class we had MCOMM2 film day. Was waiting all week for this to watch a reporter do his thing. He was so good, well prepared and did such an amazing job. Took millions of photos some vids and had a blast learning. In 2 weeks I will be in his place reporting and doing a newscast. It’s the beginning of many things and  Inshallah Allah wills more successful weeks.


Reflection Friday what I learned is to always be kind even during stressful moments. Never take anyone for granted and always remember Allah even when you are successful. Allah helps you when you are failing and happy… so remember him when you are happy and sad. Without Him we are NOTHING.


-CaliPali Misoon  


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