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Deir Yassin— April 9th 1948 66 Years of Genocide

Today 66 years ago, Palestine lost 600 souls.

Today 66 years ago, Palestine lost many innocent souls.

Today 66 years ago, Palestine’s occupation and massacre began.

Today 66 years ago, Palestine began to resist to exist.

Today 66 years ago, Palestine showed everyone how to live.

“We Palestinians, wake up EVERY DAY to show you LIFE!” -Rafeef Ziadah

Today Tomorrow and Yesterday innocent lives have been taken. Every day this happens in Palestine and all over the world.. innocent souls are gone.

Today Is the anniversary of the Deir Yassin Massacre that happened in Palestine. On April 9th, 1948, Israel began showing us all their true colors of hate and immorality. They murdered, massacred and killed 300 to 600 innocent children and woman on this day 65 years ago. We remember today not to announce that we lost children because we lose children every day all around the world, but to remember and honor them. We take life to granted and forget death can happen any second. The Deir Yassin Massacre was the start of Palestine’s Nakbe and struggle of occupation for years on to come. It’s a date to remember the children of Palestine and how they are born as men and woman and completely pass the childhood stage. They are forced to live under occupation from the day they are born and grow to become strong and fearless individuals. The children of Palestine carry so much hope and ambition that their lives should be cherished and cared for  until the end of time. The  Massacre involved many innocent children to be taken away. What did they do to you Israel? Did they threaten bombs and attack you with drones? Did they take your land and prevent you from going home? Did these children harm  you and abuse you in front of your family? Did the children of Palestine ever try to attack you, did they? I think NOT Israel and I also know for a FACT these children were simply living their lives. They were probably in their mother’s arms falling asleep and you just randomly decided to take both their lives away. What if we did this to YOU Israel? How would you feel if we Palestinians walked along your “territory” as if it’s yours, capture your children, abuse them torture them and kill them. What if we did this to you, how would it feel?

The children of Palestine are the children of Occupied Dreams.

The children of Palestine carry all the love and freedom of this world but you Israel like to take away everything that IS NOT yours.

If only my words could save and bring back these innocent souls murdered.

Today is the anniversary of the Deir Yassin massacre and today is the day we should all better ourselves for Palestine. For these children that were killed and live for them. Better our life for their dreams they had and wanted to grow and become strong people to help save Palestine. Help them live their lives through what we have right now. Today, is a day we should remember how short life is and to cherish everything that comes our way because today could be your last moment to live. Today, could be the only day you have to show the world your dreams and passions. Don’t wait for the right time to tell someone you care for them, to be nice, to make a change, to be different and help others out. Don’t wait to do anything, just go ahead and do it now; for the children of Palestine and for everyone who has been lost.