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Deir Yassin— April 9th 1948 66 Years of Genocide

Today 66 years ago, Palestine lost 600 souls.

Today 66 years ago, Palestine lost many innocent souls.

Today 66 years ago, Palestine’s occupation and massacre began.

Today 66 years ago, Palestine began to resist to exist.

Today 66 years ago, Palestine showed everyone how to live.

“We Palestinians, wake up EVERY DAY to show you LIFE!” -Rafeef Ziadah

Today Tomorrow and Yesterday innocent lives have been taken. Every day this happens in Palestine and all over the world.. innocent souls are gone.

Today Is the anniversary of the Deir Yassin Massacre that happened in Palestine. On April 9th, 1948, Israel began showing us all their true colors of hate and immorality. They murdered, massacred and killed 300 to 600 innocent children and woman on this day 65 years ago. We remember today not to announce that we lost children because we lose children every day all around the world, but to remember and honor them. We take life to granted and forget death can happen any second. The Deir Yassin Massacre was the start of Palestine’s Nakbe and struggle of occupation for years on to come. It’s a date to remember the children of Palestine and how they are born as men and woman and completely pass the childhood stage. They are forced to live under occupation from the day they are born and grow to become strong and fearless individuals. The children of Palestine carry so much hope and ambition that their lives should be cherished and cared for  until the end of time. The  Massacre involved many innocent children to be taken away. What did they do to you Israel? Did they threaten bombs and attack you with drones? Did they take your land and prevent you from going home? Did these children harm  you and abuse you in front of your family? Did the children of Palestine ever try to attack you, did they? I think NOT Israel and I also know for a FACT these children were simply living their lives. They were probably in their mother’s arms falling asleep and you just randomly decided to take both their lives away. What if we did this to YOU Israel? How would you feel if we Palestinians walked along your “territory” as if it’s yours, capture your children, abuse them torture them and kill them. What if we did this to you, how would it feel?

The children of Palestine are the children of Occupied Dreams.

The children of Palestine carry all the love and freedom of this world but you Israel like to take away everything that IS NOT yours.

If only my words could save and bring back these innocent souls murdered.

Today is the anniversary of the Deir Yassin massacre and today is the day we should all better ourselves for Palestine. For these children that were killed and live for them. Better our life for their dreams they had and wanted to grow and become strong people to help save Palestine. Help them live their lives through what we have right now. Today, is a day we should remember how short life is and to cherish everything that comes our way because today could be your last moment to live. Today, could be the only day you have to show the world your dreams and passions. Don’t wait for the right time to tell someone you care for them, to be nice, to make a change, to be different and help others out. Don’t wait to do anything, just go ahead and do it now; for the children of Palestine and for everyone who has been lost.


Nolan Ryan Catches Sacramento City College Coach’s Eye

CBS Sacramento

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — He’s a local college baseball player with a name so famous, it had his coach saying he had to have him.

As they prepped the field on Thursday for a perfect night for baseball at Sacramento City College, we went in search of a player with the perfect name.

The young man isn’t the star of the team. On this night, he didn’t crack the starting lineup. But his hustle, enthusiasm and persistence haven’t gone unnoticed by his coach.

“He’s had to work through some adversity, and he’s here, and he’s gotten a lot better, and we’re glad to have him,” said Derek Sullivan.

But it wasn’t No. 34’s sportsmanship that first caught the coach’s eye. It was his name.

Sacramento City College did get his man, and 19-year-old Nolan Ryan couldn’t be happier.

“Baseball is in my blood,” he said. “I’ve been playing since I was…

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Reflection Friday

What is always on my mind when I write - Free Palestine the love of my life
What is always on my mind when I write – Free Palestine the love of my life


–          Friday the twenty first of February


Such a hectic productive week! Thought what better way to share it with everyone than to WordPress. I feel this week taught me so much about myself and others. From Monday to today, all I did was work and grind from 4AM till evening every day to finish stories and produce work for my DCTV team. Stressful but beautiful moments. I have recently become Delta College Television Producer, Editor, Writer and Assignment Editor; I love it. I have the title of my dreams to take action and lead. I can write I am good at forming and planning stories and organization of material. I have awesome ideas and so yeah.. perfect job for me. So, I have slowly been getting to know the team of DCTV\RTV. I am very excited to begin this wordpress with stating that I am applying to my first internship. I will not mention where until I get the A-ok.


So this week From Monday-Friday I was worried my team would not finish any work on time. Since I started the beginning of January I heard very little effort from everyone. Too many students pitching stories but no work showing their progress. So, I took action and made sure everyone did their work. I had to be tough with some people just to make sure they know I mean business, I was still polite though. I know my limits and my force is for a good reason. I want every student to be perfect and build themselves for real life deadlines.

Of course, I am not the only one in charge, so are my professors but when a student is involved I feel people take things way more seriously.


Monday and Tuesday were chaotic and so crazy. All we did was brainstorm topics with my producers and throw out ideas for the next few months. New strategy, new plans, brand new ideas. Wednesday I pitched my project twice, and then Thursday again to students in RTV courses and other Mcom classes. I got such positive feedback and it felt beautiful to know something I have created is getting such good energy and positivity. Professors telling me they see me working in big shot places just felt unreal. I have a lot of doubt and worry.. just always do so hearing things like that really made my heart just melt. After pitching my “Oppressed against oppression” project I then took charge again getting names and stories from everyone.


After Thursday came I was just exhausted. I think Thursday Night I ended up coming home, didn’t even eat and just slept all night until early Friday morning. I woke up, did tons of homework and caught up with DCTV updates and emailed everyone. Took my time getting ready left the house fairly early and started my project yet again.


I met with some people and the first person I see when I walk into the DCTV room is a women explaining to me so much information on MSA. I was so happy she came to me first, such a good deed. I loved her lol I wanted to just hug her because no one ever notices Muslims..ever. I may now be in charge of MSA a bit just until I leave for the other beginning in my life but honestly I can’t wait to get the prayer room started for all the Muslims on campus. Inshallah this lasts for every semester because we really need an MSA.


Then, after that met up with more people to make sure they were handing in stories. Afterwards, class started we did more discussion on social media and revolutions. Such in depth talks and so much to exchange I had a lot to say because I use social media every day to look up stories from all around the world. After that class we had MCOMM2 film day. Was waiting all week for this to watch a reporter do his thing. He was so good, well prepared and did such an amazing job. Took millions of photos some vids and had a blast learning. In 2 weeks I will be in his place reporting and doing a newscast. It’s the beginning of many things and  Inshallah Allah wills more successful weeks.


Reflection Friday what I learned is to always be kind even during stressful moments. Never take anyone for granted and always remember Allah even when you are successful. Allah helps you when you are failing and happy… so remember him when you are happy and sad. Without Him we are NOTHING.


-CaliPali Misoon  

His Eyes

Those Eyes have seen death,

Those eyes have seen war,

Those eyes don’t want to see occupation anymore.

Those eyes have seen black smoke and fire burning his home

Those eyes keep seeing tear gas canisters flying into his home

Those eyes have seen blood shed (far too long)and blood of all sorts… not the kind you think,

the ones were souls were murdered,

children were slaughtered,

women were torn and men were fallen.

Those eyes have seen terrorists run, laugh, be filled with harm.

Those eyes need to feel freedom and witness happiness,

because those eyes are craving for everlasting satisfaction of homes restored and war ignored.

Those eyes crave your open land without any barriers just endless streets to run and be glad.

Those eyes want to be free from occupation and misery

Those eyes have seen death far too many times,

those eyes still look past the crime and still seem to shine.

How he does it?

How a child grows to do it, how any man still witnesses their own child be shot to death?

How do you sit there and see, women die from something we can easily stop and be free?

Look at this photo, what do you see in his eyes? A dream? hope? A form of fantasy?

Look into his eyes again? Can you see a free Palestine? Is it real… is it there is it even able to be cared?

What if his eyes saw freedom?

Would they be the same?

Would they have that glow and beautiful name?

He is Palestinian, He has seen things no man will ever see.

His eyes are filled with pain, look at those pupils shining with change.

I can tell he wants freedom, just look at the circles drowning his eyes….

Those eyes want to go to the Dome of the Rock and pray in peace.

Those eyes want to walk on streets of history and be okay, not worried.

Those eyes have seen occupation for as long as they could begin to see.

Those eyes want love and true beauty….. but what is love?

What even is beauty? When all you’ve seen is occupied eyes and torn eyes and broken eyes and fellow eyes cry time and time.

His eyes are our eyes, and those eyes will find other eyes that see exactly what he sees  and those brown eyes will Free Palestine.

Every Palestinian man fights a fight for every women and child who stands and every man has a special place in my heart for he is the freedom fighter who will free us all!

Free him, free us, so all of our eyes can live in everlasting clarity and eternal bliss.



Writer’s hands

Writer’s hands ~ ✌️
The words simply flow off my fingertips.
Nothing can stop my hands but my instincts.
I can be a princess, a Ballerina, a Superhero, a mother, a wife, a friend, a leader, a fighter, a evil mind, a peaceful women, a feisty girl, piece of inspiration all at the tip of my pen.
Words can make you happy, sad, excited and that is powerful. Spoken word is a movement….. Written word is a learning experience, but spoken terms cause your mind to witness poetic passion that nothing written word read can do. ~ writers write to free their mind… Not to necessarily write for an audience just to write to express themselves. You must be a writer to understand. Free verse. Free rhymes. Free Palestine. #CaliPali ميسون



What do I miss the most?
The morning K3k boys… The carts rolling through my home. Waking me up at Fajr hearing the Athan and saying, “BismAllah” another day, another blessing.
What do I miss the most?
The peaceful call to prayer. So calming and Angelic. Not ever did It bother or worry, just bring calmness and solitude. So beautiful from Fajr to Isha; reminding us time is not our friend and Allah is with us.
What do I miss the most? My mother. My home. My cousins. My souls. My bond that is unbreakable. It’s a battle to live… Miles from home. Because even if I’m happy…..I feel alone. 💔 #Jerusalem #FreePalestine


1 Million for Change 1 Million for Peace — Yousef Saleh Erakat

Yousef Saleh Erakat

“A dollar and a dream” was all it took to make this man an inspiration to people all over the world. Sharing his personal life on the web since 2011 and making sure his fans felt loved is what made him so successful. Recently reaching 1,000,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel in early January where he is also known as “FouseyTube” for his fellow Tubians proved that with every hardship comes a greater success. I, as well as many other thousands of people, have watched him grow and mature into an amazing human being. Today, January 22, is Yousef Erakat’s Birthday and I dedicate this wordpress to him to just share that Palestinian Muslims can make it in this world and we won’t let any stereotypes get in our way of chasing our dreams

Yousef Erakat is from California, lived around the Bay Area, currently in Los Angeles, believed in himself even when no one thought twice to give him a chance. From a young age, he battled daily social abuse from kids like any other child being bullied but still believing there is hope for himself. Being told daily that his life is not enough to be friends with certain people or not cool enough really took an overall toll on him. I began watching his videos from the start. Hearing a fellow Palestinian American living so close to me sharing his dreams to the world online I thought was so inspiring. When Yousef shared his very first personal story on depression I immediately connected. Each person battles their inner demons and down thoughts differently. Yousef shared his most intimate moments with us of feeling at the lowest of lows to the highest of highs of happiness not to just let it out and let people accept him but to connect with others. To make sure that everyone knows he is not the only one battling life but that we are all together.

Day by day we would all watch his Facebook posts, video after video tweeting and instagraming his journey, a year goes by and another year, and he still continued to work on videos. Some breaks were taken for Yousef to find himself and to finally feel himself again but they were worth it. Expressing his journey really helped so many people and I don’t think he realizes it. He still underestimates his abilities to become a magnificent actor because of life and negative energy from people online. Sadly, people still choose to write negative comments and bully others through a computer or tapping along on their iPhones and it affects people. Words pierce the mind just as much as taking a bullet to the heart. Yousef is the first Palestinian Muslim to every reach a million subscribers on YouTube and I think history has surely been made. His success has not only inspired me but now 6 million people and counting. His videos are sparking debate and positive action that people are now supporting him 100%


Yousef Erakat had a  dream and shared it with the world. He continued to battle Depression, and still does, but he always came back. He never once thought to be selfish and turn his back on his supporters because of his humble heart. At any point in time he will remember to thank us, his Tubians as he calls us, and not many people who receive this sort of attention do that. Yousef will make a difference if he hasn’t already he will. He recently, today February 16 2014, was on Fox&Friends discussing his Kidnapping Experiment and even sported his Kuffiyah, yet again, being a rebel and helping bring awareness for Palestine. Also, a few days ago he was on Good Morning America and discussed how he wanted to bring change, if no one pushes the limit who will?

I pray that God only guides you Yousef to the best things in this life and no more negative energy every harms you to reach a low point. You made it, We made it, Islam and Palestine is being show in a positive light and I will always support you 100%. Promise to never leave your side ❤ ImageImage



#NightPoeticThoughts… Random post for the random inspiration.

The ambitious souls tend to live life to the fullest.
Like a child, always happy always willing, never stopping and persisting.
The children of war have seen death before they even reached the age to understand it.
Walking to school and one day being bombed and having to run away and defend it.
But those bombs caused change. & that change brought hope. That hope brought something people call l-o-v-e but what’s to feel when all you have is a gun?
A stone of defense and a heart of steel.
To jump borders and face all your fears.
The baby girl in Afghanistan is tired of her father not being home.
Her memories are fading so please stop the drones.
Yemen is dark and weary and the boys in caves are sick of running and no longer cheering.
Time waits for no one, it ends in death so when airstrikes and phosphorous drops on Gaza it’s not for stress but for remembrance of death.
The only thing keeping us sane is the next morning.
What’s more beautiful than war? The refreshing sound of no more droning.
No bombs
No bullets.
No extra fear.
A fresh day and a beginning of years.
Years of hope to refresh for our children for a free Palestine and a peaceful resistance.

I pray for a day in which children in Afghanistan, Burma, Yemen and Palestine wake up to peace not war. Maybe these words will cause change and something more.



Special hidden corners.
Canisters of metal
Gas bombs & tears
Make you so beautiful even as you fall and be filled with fear.

Your lush land & blood stains,
Holding hope
even after
death & pain.
Never fearful, just anxious from the monsters that frighten but never change.

I love, yes I said love, and that word is made for you.
What can be more beautiful than your crisp sunsets & beautiful poetic views.

Never can I leave my home or work on assignments without you on my mind.
No one can separate my everlasting Love for you.

You never hurt me
left me alone in the mud or let me sit and wonder what I should do.

I walked with you, cried with you, and will be free with you.
I dream that I could switch places and endure the pain you must see and feel because Palestine I love you with every might and dignity left within me.

Palestine, you are tattooed on my heart until death do us part.
I will fight until we are left with joyous tears and fresh homes to build in our hearts.

ميسون غريب


Why am I able to sit and write this freely while someone the same exact age as me also Palestinian Muslim HUMAN sits in fear just waiting to die?
It’s not politics anymore it’s ignorance. 
People are dying because people are blind. You see but you don’t witness. You look but don’t really focus. You notice but don’t care. You. Don’t. Care. You care for the materialistic things for the temporary healing but you don’t truly care for your fellow brothers and sisters. If you did…. Your actions would prove it. Your words would follow your doings and your life would be a blessing not a curse.
Freedom is a dream. It’s still not existent as much as we think it does, it isn’t. Just like dreams freedom is a perspective. If we were REALLY free….. We would be able to run from country to country with 0 checkpoints or boundaries. We read and learn practically our whole existence what we should do. But when we graduate and live life we ignore what we as taught unless it truly impacted us.
Books——- it’s all we have left to save us. The ultimate book of course but In general books hold hope. If more people read more sanity would exist.
It’s 12:45 AM and all I’m worried about is the little boy in Afghanistan that might get droned. Or the girl in Gaza sleeping that will wake up to her mother gone. You think you have it hard in USA because the last pair of Jordan’s got taken away? Big deal huh…. Go move. Open your eyes. Buy the shoes but share your wealth with another human. Your 1 purchase can in fact feed a family. It’s the little things that count.
12:47AM—- my hands refuse to type.