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#NightPoeticThoughts… Random post for the random inspiration.

The ambitious souls tend to live life to the fullest.
Like a child, always happy always willing, never stopping and persisting.
The children of war have seen death before they even reached the age to understand it.
Walking to school and one day being bombed and having to run away and defend it.
But those bombs caused change. & that change brought hope. That hope brought something people call l-o-v-e but what’s to feel when all you have is a gun?
A stone of defense and a heart of steel.
To jump borders and face all your fears.
The baby girl in Afghanistan is tired of her father not being home.
Her memories are fading so please stop the drones.
Yemen is dark and weary and the boys in caves are sick of running and no longer cheering.
Time waits for no one, it ends in death so when airstrikes and phosphorous drops on Gaza it’s not for stress but for remembrance of death.
The only thing keeping us sane is the next morning.
What’s more beautiful than war? The refreshing sound of no more droning.
No bombs
No bullets.
No extra fear.
A fresh day and a beginning of years.
Years of hope to refresh for our children for a free Palestine and a peaceful resistance.

I pray for a day in which children in Afghanistan, Burma, Yemen and Palestine wake up to peace not war. Maybe these words will cause change and something more.