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1 Million for Change 1 Million for Peace — Yousef Saleh Erakat

Yousef Saleh Erakat

“A dollar and a dream” was all it took to make this man an inspiration to people all over the world. Sharing his personal life on the web since 2011 and making sure his fans felt loved is what made him so successful. Recently reaching 1,000,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel in early January where he is also known as “FouseyTube” for his fellow Tubians proved that with every hardship comes a greater success. I, as well as many other thousands of people, have watched him grow and mature into an amazing human being. Today, January 22, is Yousef Erakat’s Birthday and I dedicate this wordpress to him to just share that Palestinian Muslims can make it in this world and we won’t let any stereotypes get in our way of chasing our dreams

Yousef Erakat is from California, lived around the Bay Area, currently in Los Angeles, believed in himself even when no one thought twice to give him a chance. From a young age, he battled daily social abuse from kids like any other child being bullied but still believing there is hope for himself. Being told daily that his life is not enough to be friends with certain people or not cool enough really took an overall toll on him. I began watching his videos from the start. Hearing a fellow Palestinian American living so close to me sharing his dreams to the world online I thought was so inspiring. When Yousef shared his very first personal story on depression I immediately connected. Each person battles their inner demons and down thoughts differently. Yousef shared his most intimate moments with us of feeling at the lowest of lows to the highest of highs of happiness not to just let it out and let people accept him but to connect with others. To make sure that everyone knows he is not the only one battling life but that we are all together.

Day by day we would all watch his Facebook posts, video after video tweeting and instagraming his journey, a year goes by and another year, and he still continued to work on videos. Some breaks were taken for Yousef to find himself and to finally feel himself again but they were worth it. Expressing his journey really helped so many people and I don’t think he realizes it. He still underestimates his abilities to become a magnificent actor because of life and negative energy from people online. Sadly, people still choose to write negative comments and bully others through a computer or tapping along on their iPhones and it affects people. Words pierce the mind just as much as taking a bullet to the heart. Yousef is the first Palestinian Muslim to every reach a million subscribers on YouTube and I think history has surely been made. His success has not only inspired me but now 6 million people and counting. His videos are sparking debate and positive action that people are now supporting him 100%


Yousef Erakat had a  dream and shared it with the world. He continued to battle Depression, and still does, but he always came back. He never once thought to be selfish and turn his back on his supporters because of his humble heart. At any point in time he will remember to thank us, his Tubians as he calls us, and not many people who receive this sort of attention do that. Yousef will make a difference if he hasn’t already he will. He recently, today February 16 2014, was on Fox&Friends discussing his Kidnapping Experiment and even sported his Kuffiyah, yet again, being a rebel and helping bring awareness for Palestine. Also, a few days ago he was on Good Morning America and discussed how he wanted to bring change, if no one pushes the limit who will?

I pray that God only guides you Yousef to the best things in this life and no more negative energy every harms you to reach a low point. You made it, We made it, Islam and Palestine is being show in a positive light and I will always support you 100%. Promise to never leave your side ❤ ImageImage