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Deir Yassin— April 9th 1948 66 Years of Genocide

Today 66 years ago, Palestine lost 600 souls.

Today 66 years ago, Palestine lost many innocent souls.

Today 66 years ago, Palestine’s occupation and massacre began.

Today 66 years ago, Palestine began to resist to exist.

Today 66 years ago, Palestine showed everyone how to live.

“We Palestinians, wake up EVERY DAY to show you LIFE!” -Rafeef Ziadah

Today Tomorrow and Yesterday innocent lives have been taken. Every day this happens in Palestine and all over the world.. innocent souls are gone.

Today Is the anniversary of the Deir Yassin Massacre that happened in Palestine. On April 9th, 1948, Israel began showing us all their true colors of hate and immorality. They murdered, massacred and killed 300 to 600 innocent children and woman on this day 65 years ago. We remember today not to announce that we lost children because we lose children every day all around the world, but to remember and honor them. We take life to granted and forget death can happen any second. The Deir Yassin Massacre was the start of Palestine’s Nakbe and struggle of occupation for years on to come. It’s a date to remember the children of Palestine and how they are born as men and woman and completely pass the childhood stage. They are forced to live under occupation from the day they are born and grow to become strong and fearless individuals. The children of Palestine carry so much hope and ambition that their lives should be cherished and cared for  until the end of time. The  Massacre involved many innocent children to be taken away. What did they do to you Israel? Did they threaten bombs and attack you with drones? Did they take your land and prevent you from going home? Did these children harm  you and abuse you in front of your family? Did the children of Palestine ever try to attack you, did they? I think NOT Israel and I also know for a FACT these children were simply living their lives. They were probably in their mother’s arms falling asleep and you just randomly decided to take both their lives away. What if we did this to YOU Israel? How would you feel if we Palestinians walked along your “territory” as if it’s yours, capture your children, abuse them torture them and kill them. What if we did this to you, how would it feel?

The children of Palestine are the children of Occupied Dreams.

The children of Palestine carry all the love and freedom of this world but you Israel like to take away everything that IS NOT yours.

If only my words could save and bring back these innocent souls murdered.

Today is the anniversary of the Deir Yassin massacre and today is the day we should all better ourselves for Palestine. For these children that were killed and live for them. Better our life for their dreams they had and wanted to grow and become strong people to help save Palestine. Help them live their lives through what we have right now. Today, is a day we should remember how short life is and to cherish everything that comes our way because today could be your last moment to live. Today, could be the only day you have to show the world your dreams and passions. Don’t wait for the right time to tell someone you care for them, to be nice, to make a change, to be different and help others out. Don’t wait to do anything, just go ahead and do it now; for the children of Palestine and for everyone who has been lost.



#NightPoeticThoughts… Random post for the random inspiration.

The ambitious souls tend to live life to the fullest.
Like a child, always happy always willing, never stopping and persisting.
The children of war have seen death before they even reached the age to understand it.
Walking to school and one day being bombed and having to run away and defend it.
But those bombs caused change. & that change brought hope. That hope brought something people call l-o-v-e but what’s to feel when all you have is a gun?
A stone of defense and a heart of steel.
To jump borders and face all your fears.
The baby girl in Afghanistan is tired of her father not being home.
Her memories are fading so please stop the drones.
Yemen is dark and weary and the boys in caves are sick of running and no longer cheering.
Time waits for no one, it ends in death so when airstrikes and phosphorous drops on Gaza it’s not for stress but for remembrance of death.
The only thing keeping us sane is the next morning.
What’s more beautiful than war? The refreshing sound of no more droning.
No bombs
No bullets.
No extra fear.
A fresh day and a beginning of years.
Years of hope to refresh for our children for a free Palestine and a peaceful resistance.

I pray for a day in which children in Afghanistan, Burma, Yemen and Palestine wake up to peace not war. Maybe these words will cause change and something more.


Samer Issawy 197 DAYS

Time for Samer Issawi; time to have him free like Akram Rikhawi and Khader Adnan!

The detainee’s minister in the PA, Issa Qaraqe’, says that the Palestinian hunger striker Samer Issawi is living his last hours inside the Israeli prison hospitals after 197 days on hunger strike for freedom. Being illegally detained without charges or given a fair trial since July 7th 2012, Samer Issawi is still placed in solitary confinement with plastic doors so that no one can hear his calls for help. Issawi is on his 197th day of an open-ended hunger strike demanding justice and his freedom…

180 Days of Hunger —– SAMER ISSAWY!

178 Days of Hunger 179 Days of Injustice 180 Days of WONDER

#PalHunger #SamerIssawi #Hungry4Freedom #HungerStrikers

-Dedicated to every  prisoner all around the world on Hunger Strike for their freedom

178 Days of Hunger 178 days of Darkness 178 Days of Injustice

No food, no life, no water.

178 days of battling my own body for what is right.

178 days of constant struggle of life and death and wonder of what is and may become the next day.

When will I see my family? When will I be free? What is freedom anyway?

My mind is always running and pacing and showing me what life I have lived.

Every day that comes may be my last so I pray and hope only for the best.

178 days of pain, agony, and struggle.

178 days of crying, hoping, wishing for love and affection.

Every part of me is shouting, running, crying for help!

When will this end? When will I run along my land?

My body is against me, My mind is lost, I may be awake but I am dead.

Death has already visited me and I am so near the end my heart tells me.

Bones are frail, muscles don’t function, my nerves are off the charts, and my age has doubled.

My eyes are blurry, my hands are shaky, my knees are trembling, and my ears are buzzing.

My teeth are useless, for they have no function anymore and are never put to use.

My breathe is like fire and my throat is dry as can be.

I feel disgusted of my own body but I know this is all for a reason; I think.

I could be wrong but something tells me to persevere and stay strong.

One side of my brain tells me to keep going you are almost there, while the other pushes me down and makes me wonder if I should stop.

178 days is more than just hours, it’s a lifetime now

Constantly being beat by the ugly others that forced me into this; I felt I had no choice.

No food, no water, no life!

Who decided food gave us life?

Everything is proportions, and I know my own.

I can survive with no food, are you willing to do this on your own?

178 days made me stronger, better, more humble!

I have no distraction of my hunger and temptation for I am one with my thoughts and nothing can phase me.

I occasionally want to fight my own strength and give in to food and water, but then I remember my purpose and that is to save everyone from their sorrow

178 days made me numb to this world and all I picture is Paradise.

Life is all minutes and seconds combined until the end approaches you, and you realize what is life!

No family, No family, no Love!

No rights, no wishes, no constant trigger of what if’s.

I am alone, and this is my time to shine.

The concubine is my new home, and the walls are my friends.

I am shackled to the floor, and pinned to my bed.

Nothing is given to me, even the food is thrown- I am beat, hit, and always pressured to go into their throne.

Everything I do I feel is planned- nothing I say, act, eat will save me from this terror of land.

I wonder when Justice will prevail, and when I will see my people happy.

I feel it is my right to make it happen and witness their longing for freedom just as I aim for their own happiness I know they would do the same for me.

178 days —– weeks, months, an eternity

I count the hours that pass hoping for my rights, but I realize that nothing is mine not even this life.

178 days… just a number

178 days just another struggle

When will this end? Who will save me?

–          Every prisoner, every life, dedicated to Samer Tarek il Essawy

  • Misoon S. Ghareeb – From Essawiah, the same village of Samer Tarek il Essawy Our Hero

The Dome of The Rock–The Dome of Hope –The Dome of Palestine

_______________The Holy and Glorious Dome of the Rock_____________

Your Golden Dome makes me Cry

The Dome of Life

The Dome of Hopes

The Dome of Gold



The Dome of Worship



The Dome of Freedom



The Dome of Unity



The Dome of Confidence


and Holy Essence!


—-The Dome of the Rock~ The Dome of Palestine’s Existence and Wishes. I write for Palestine and my fellow Palestinians!

  • Misoon S. Ghareeb –2013–Written in 10 MINUTES–FreeWrite at Home–Inspiration the Holy and Beautiful Country I call my Home; Palestine

Work and College Experience January 11th

Today, was my first day back to work. We had a meeting on what to expect and new changes around the center. I work in Stockton, California at a Child Development Center as a Student-Lab Aide. It is a very exciting job that I have grown to love as each semester passes.  I have been working for almost four or so semesters and this will be my last term working there because I will be transferring, God-Willing, in the Fall.  It is a bittersweet feeling from wanting to stay and help every child learn new things and make new friendships and long lasting relationships with the teachers and most importantly; my Boss.  At the same time, I am prepared and ready to go out into the University life and finally put what I have learned the past twenty years into action and become a journalist—-IT IS TIME! Everyone I work with are all so unique and helpful and they helped me decide my major.  Every thing I have done at the Center brought me to this point today.  I love children and some may say I am a child myself that is why as funny as that sounds I enjoy watching and taking care of kids. I helped my mother when I was in Palestine on and off when she was a teacher and loved it. I am twenty years old and recently turned the magnificent age in November. I am the youngest in the family so I have the “youngest child energy” all the time.  Since I was born i’ve been like this and I enjoy children; they are always alive and teach you new things every day! Some test you and make you become SUPER patient and that is even more of a blessing! Patience is the recipe to success and discipline and is one of the best qualities anyone can attain and live up too.

Back to my story, I always seem to get sidetracked when I write, you will all find that out as you read more of my random freewrites.

We had a meeting today with all of the workers discussing the new policies.  One was based off of the recent shooting that took place in Newtown Conecticut. Before I entered the center I honestly was thinking if our teachers were going implement more safety procedures and rules since the tragedy that happened. My boss is a very intelligent and wise woman, who has inspired me, and I knew she would be doing something. The Police at San Joaquin Delta College ran drills with the teachers at the Center a few days ago to show them a “what if” scenario of a shooter walking into the classroom and wanting to aim and fire and kill.  They faked a shooting with a laser and hid and had to act like “he” or “she” was coming and wonder where the best hiding places were.  As I am sitting listening to all of this for some odd reason, my mind wondered off to Palestine.  It always does, no matter what I am doing I am always always thinking of my country all my life.  I began imagining my school where I went too when I was back in my home.  I almost started crying as crazy as that sounds. I’m not one to cry easily, especially in public let alone at home and i’m looking around at everyone else and we are all so startled. We live in Stockton California, one of the top three most dangerous cities in America.  We honestly are soldiers our selves at SJDC, there is always a shooting, some sort of roberry, or attempted rape. Every day we hear a story of a teenager, a student, a criminal attacking someone so we are use to it.  However, having said that, being at work, in a professional environment and listening to a person who you love and admire tell you we have to prepare ourselves for a shooting because the world has become a scary place really slapped me in the face. I sat listened, so did everyone else and  pictured the children in Palestine. What they go through every day and how lucky America’s free children should me. My cousins, my neice and nephew, live in Palestine. They are always in danger even when it’s not war or constant fighting.  Do you see a comparison in this? Do you get and understand how children are children, we are all one. We are all human and innocent lives should not be taken for land, money, and power.


I have much more to say, but I will let you guys do the talking — share with me your thoughts— Thank you


  • Misoon Ghareeb


The Latest in Essawiah–My Hometown


A Palestinian child holding a sign during a solidarity visit with the Issawiya neighborhood, January 4, 2013. The sign reads: every child deserves to sleep quietly. The village of Issawiya has been under heavy police raids and arrests for the last few weeks, including a 24/7 police checkpoint at it’s entrance, in order to put pressure on the residents to stop actions of solidarity with the Palestinian hunger strikers.

Shiraz Grinbaum/Activestills.org